We created “Business Vine” (Bvine) for a purpose.

Whenever I would go to the Yellow pages or any other directory and search for say a company to use, I would get a very long list of names. The problem with that list of names is that they meant nothing to me. After making the call, sometimes you would get a really nice person and you say “yes I would use him again”, and if a friend asks you if you know someone, you would say “yes I know a very good plumber” or whatever. However, often enough you also get people and you think “err no, never again”. So we thought about this problem and it dawned on us that when we were actually looking for someone, we’d usually ask someone we know and trust in that department.

When it comes to cars, I have a friend I ask all the time because he’s into that kind of thing and if it’s about homes I ask my brother because he’s an architect and so on. So we thought it would be great if we created an online directory that showed what businesses our friends had used and those friends could give some feed back on how they found that business. Thus we created “Business Vine”.

Going back to the unintelligent list of businesses you are presented with in most business directories. I mean even with Google how many of us ever go past the first page? For me as a user, the results on those subsequent pages carry the possibility that the results I need are on them but I really don’t have the time or energy to go through to them, so they only serve to annoy me. That’s why we decided this site wouldn’t do so. It would rather be smart and give you 3 hand picked results.

Having a review from someone you know is far more useful than one from a stranger. I know I have some friends that, if they give a restaurant 3 out of 10, that for most people is a 6 out of 10. This is why I will always ask for his opinion but I will still water the criticism a little bit before making my final decision. You can only do this if you know the person providing the review and this works both ways for friends you know are too nice and not very critical.

In any case, what I am trying to say is, reviews from friends are far more useful than reviews from strangers.

We actually think that the rating system used on the web by most companies, is a bit lame. One thousand anonymous reviews aren’t worth half the review of someone we know and trust. So we have done away with the need for thousands of reviews and have stuck to giving you a few that actually mean something to you, from your friends and family.

So “Business Vine”, Bvine for short, allows you to see which companies your friends have used and what they think of those companies.

We also did something else, which we think is a little cool. We figured that people do business with people they like and get on with. So when making a recommendation of which business to use, we took into account data points from your social media account and used that to match you with a businessperson that you are likely to get on with. If we find that both of you are interested in similar things and the business has a good reputation we will match you up.

At present, we need more people to use the site and continue to use it so we can build up the users and the data. The more data, the better the site will function.

So please support us in our endeavor to make directories better.


The Guys at Bvine